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I work with organizations who want to reduce conflict and create a culture of collaboration and maximum productivity by implementing the Personality Advantages Program


Personality Advantages Program

Transform your people from conflict to collaboration to boost productivity, employee retention and your bottom line.

Imagine your team fully engaged, fully appreciated, fully valued, fully respected and fully recognized for who they are.

How will they treat your clients? With these tools in place, performance, productivity and retention will follow. That is a win-win-win situation.

The “Personality Advantages Program” offers insights, development tools and strategies that enhance leadership, improves communication and collaboration while eliminating confusion. This program informs how we treat others which impact your sales, your organizational stability and your growth.

In a nutshell, the full program has 4 elements:

  1. DISCover everyone’s personality blend;
  2. Experience the information to increase personal awareness and understanding;
  3. Apply the Model of Human Behavior;
  4. Evaluate the long term impact.

This is for the organization who values more efficient communication, increased management effectiveness, a more productive and happier team which leads to a more profitable and successful business.

This Program Is Essential For:

Directors & Managers focused on creating sustainable growth and increased value

Supervisors & Team Leaders who want the best from the whole team

New hires who will quickly gel with the existing employees

New managers will easily gain understanding and perspective and control of their people

Preparing individuals for promotion with less effort and faster results

On average, two people have about a 40% chance of experiencing a good personality match based on how their individual personality styles fit together.

That means 60% of people including 60% of employees do not get along on a basic level. This impacts communication, job satisfaction and productivity and ultimately the bottom line.

This training is a powerful tool that teaches us to understand each other’s personality in an interactive fashion that produces lasting outcomes.

“Monique’s workshop is still raved about. Families appreciated her support and knowledge in developing skills and personal awareness to better their quality of life.”

Lucie Discepola Lucie Discepola, Executive Director

Friends for Mental Health of the West Island

“Thank you Monique for your input and insight. We appreciate your delivery style”

Yves LabergeYves Laberge, General Manager

Mercedes Benz, Ontario

Your Team Will Gain:

Increased self-awareness

Understanding of how to work with different personality blends

Tools on how to develop rewarding relationships

Effective strategies for diffusing and preventing conflict

Realization that there are no difficult people, just different priorities

More cohesive and productive teams working from their strengths

How to give feedback and directions so that people will feel respected


The Personality Advantages Program


Initial Intro Onsite Workshop of Model of Human Behavior

Personality Profiling for Each Participant


Continuous Onsite Educational Training Series for Key People

Tested and Proven Modules each month


Individual Personalized Virtual Coaching

Real Time Problem Solving of Current Team Dynamics


Leadership Review Session

Long Term Strategic Planning for Sustainable Change

The Personality Advantages Program demystifies people’s motivations and actions to highlight each and everyone’s strengths which dramatically improves your workplace culture.

This strength based approach to leadership will make your organization stand out as an employer, and your clients (and your bottom line) will benefit too.

Personality Advantages Program Breakdown

Discover Workplace Culture, Personality Profiling Workshop

Onsite Interactive Training – 2 Consecutive Half Days (5 hours each)

In this fun and interactive 2 day intensive training, we will put in place the building blocks to design new communication strategies to create more cohesive and productive teams moving forward.

This training highlights how to relate better with one another in a way that is fun, easy and leads to higher performing teams.  Having a good understanding of our own and our colleagues’ strengths and blind spots is an impactful way of transforming difficult relationships in the workplace into collaborative and profitable ones.

Putting it all Together: Simulations and experimentation – Deconstructing with role play – Real situations and powerful applications

Experience Group Sessions

Strategy and Review – Onsite Interactive Group Coaching 

(2–3 hours every 4-6 weeks. Programs are personalized to your needs)

Every session will piggy back on previous group training session and do a deeper dive into the most relevant topics.

Here are some sample workshop modules:

  • Leadership at Work (2 separate sessions)
  • Relationships at Work
  • Conflict Resolution at Work
  • Teams at Work
  • Time Management for Different Personalities
  • Levels of Listening (Selling, Customer Service, Team Development)
  • Closing the Sale Based on the Client’s Personality

As well as reviewing new material, every group session will review how the group is currently implementing what they have learned and assess improvements while strategizing the next steps.

Apply Personalized Skills and Solutions Sessions

30 minute private virtual coaching sessions for each identified participant.

Depending on the length of the consulting engagement and how often the whole team is meeting, these are typically either monthly or bi-monthly.

These individual sessions are for just in time problem-solving, tackling confusing work scenarios, role playing upcoming conversations, and strategizing our adaptation to create better outcomes in all our engagements

Evaluate Sustaining Progress

Onsite Management and Leadership Assessment

5 hours

Sustaining progress is critical to gaining the maximum benefit of your investment and ensuring the long term success of the program.

Meeting with key leaders, we will review program implementation and effectiveness and have a long term strategizing meeting.

The goal of the Personality Advantage Program is to ensure that all stakeholders are equipped with the strategies and tools they need for communicating with success and that the leadership and managers are supported and in control.

This means that you and your team will remain at your highest readiness for any challenge and that you can deliver your best results now and in the future.

“Monique’s program on conflict styles and personalities was inspirational and useful. I plan to implement her tools and suggestions on how to reduce conflict, right away.”

Selina YuSelina Yu, CPA, CGA, Senior Accountant at Songhees Nation, Victoria, BC

Program Benefits and Outcomes

  • Better Employee Engagement
  • Consistent and Improved Communication
  • Higher Job Satisfaction
  • Reduced Employee Turnover
  • More Effective Meetings
  • Reduced Training Costs
  • High customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Complaints –Customer & Employee
  • Less Conflict Between Departments and Teams
  • Better Feedback and Review

“Monique, thank you so much for animating such a fun and informative session! Not only will it help me navigate the relationships in my life, but I immediately could see how to apply this framework to my team at work.”

Valerie Taschereau Valérie Taschereau, Audit Associate

Deloitte Canada

“Her professionalism and passion are evident. And she is extremely adaptable at tailoring her message to the group and the circumstances. Thank you Monique”

Connie BrownConnie Brown, Programming Coordinator 

West Island Women’s Centre 


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