My mission is to help you turn those more challenging work relationships into

engaging interactions where everyone feels  heard

and respected 

Certified Human Behavior Consultant

Level 2 Accredited Trainer for Personality Insights. Through the magic of DISC, improve all your human interactions by understanding and bridging your differences to create win/win outcomes.


University trained workshop designer and facilitator with a specialization in Organizational Development. Recipient of World Class Speaker Award at the High Impact Speaking Competition.


Human Relations expert working with a diversity of socio-economic backgrounds. Successfully empowered people with their mental health, conflict prevention or resolution.

My Story

Monique CaissieToday, I love watching my clients get excited when they finally understand and appreciate themselves as well as what really motivates others. Suddenly, they start speaking with people at work and at home in more effective and productive ways. It’s very exciting to watch as dynamics go from conflict to collaboration. And from frustration to mutual respect.

Like you, I have seen the effects of poor communication. Do you sometimes wish you felt more heard and respected? Do you know talented people who hide their brilliance out of fear of disapproval or criticism? Have you seen go-getters get so frustrated that they get labelled bullies and don’t know how to change that? Wouldn’t it be great to know how to deal with difficult people without worrying about becoming difficult ourselves?

Since 1984, I have been studying communication strategies to use in my crisis intervention work.  While I appreciate the theory that people learn by coming to their own conclusions, unlike many coaches and counselors, I used an educational approach to helping others by offering new information.

Through my small group trainings, I’ve helped thousands of people find a better way to communicate when things are easy AND when they are not.

Time and time again, I witnessed coping skills improve, self-confidence develop, relationships flourish and people get promoted because of the concepts I shared.

During that time, I developed a simple template to stop avoiding difficult conversations. I called it the R.I.S.E. script on “How to Ask for What YOU Want” and taught people about correct assertiveness. It changed and even saved lives.

With over three decades of helping others, having worked in women’s shelters, youth protection, suicide prevention, mental illness, grief support and family counseling, I have seen all types of dynamics that impacts our relationships. I love fusing real life stories with proven, simple strategies to connect with people in an accessible manner.

If you are a natural helper like me, one of the challenges can be that the work we choose can be a haven for bullies. In fact, as a contributing author, I talked about this phenomena in the book “Stand Up, Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying” from the National Workplace Bullying Coalition. I have also been published in Huffington Post and featured in 3 other books as well.

When we understand the model of human behaviors, interactions become fascinating and more enjoyable to manage. We just need the key to unlocking the people puzzle to finally bridge the conflict gap to easily understand and appreciate one another.


A Sample of My Style of Teaching

Other facts about me…

  • Certified Human Behavior Consultant / Accredited Trainer for DISC Personality Styles – Level II.
  • University trained in educational workshop development and facilitation. (Valedictorian of Certificate Program.)
  • Certified as a Family Life Educator and N.L.P. Professional Coach
  • Active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.
  • Winner of the 2015 World Class Speaker Award at the High Impact Speaking Competition, Ottawa
  • Member of the Golden Key Honour Society for outstanding academic achievement with a focus on studies on interpersonal relationships and work groups.
  • Wife, mom, stepmom and devoted caregiver to seniors I love. I’ve been known to rescue wayward birds, cats, dogs and people.

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Because it’s time for you to feel heard and respected by your peers and colleagues; and for your teams to really shine.


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