We all want to be part of a dynamic team where everyone feels valued and feel that they can tap into their personal power. But if you are being honest with yourself, when you think of work, do you sometimes feel unheard, dismissed or even disrespected? I sure did for years and years. I second guessed myself, didn’t think I was worthy unless someone else gave me permission to speak or would validate what I had said.

I Became a Student of Human Behavior

While I was going around in emotional circles, I saw people around me who didn’t live in fear and anxiety like I did. It took a lot to trigger them to feel intense stress and they naturally rode the ups and downs of life with confidence. I set out to figure out what they did differently and it made all the difference to my happiness levels.  Besides my personal experiences, my 30 years as a crisis interventionist gave me a close up look at the distinction between those who remained stuck in the muck of bad emotional patterns and those who came out of adversity solid on who they were and what they wanted. So, after much reflection, I thought I’d share this model I created that goes over what people do successfully to deal with others who drive them crazy. I call this my “Ladder of Personal Power”

Where are you?

So these are the rungs to reach the top of our Personal Power Ladder

Confidence & Respect

Emotional Mastery

Action Plans

Values Clarification


Stuck & Dissatisfied

Let me ask you this. When you’re thinking of your professional life, do you recognize where you are on this ladder? 
Is it below or above the critical point? 

You know that you deserve to feel heard and respected! You also deserve to be recognized, rewarded or promoted for your contributions. 

If it’s time to teach people how to treat you with respect, then book your Discovery Call with me right now on my online scheduler and see if my Private Coaching Program is a fit for you to make your most difficult relationships more healthy and win/win.

Here’s what previous coaching clients are saying about having worked with me.

Working with Monique as my Life Coach has been an enriching experience. She is naturally intuitive, able to tap into your innermost wants and needs, then helps guide you towards enlightenment in the direction you want your life to take. She will work tirelessly with you in clarifying and simplifying steps needed to make positive changes and achieve yours goals, lending support whenever needed.
I would highly recommend Monique to anyone needing to make changes in their lives but who are feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive.

Hélène Paquet, Artist and Entrepreneur

I started my sessions with Monique during a difficult personal and professional transition period in my life. As a result of various setbacks, my ability to take action was greatly diminished because of self-doubt and negative thoughts. I felt stuck, unable to accomplish anything.
Working with Monique, I was able to clearly lay out my goals and dreams, and easily achieve milestones. This increased my self-confidence and enabled me to face challenges and take even more actions. I can look back today, a stronger, happier person, because of the help I received during that difficult time. And I know that the skills I developed have given me the confidence to face future challenges. Thanks Monique!

Mia M., Career Counsellor

You deserve to feel heard and respected.

If you’re tired of trying to manage difficult people’s behaviors and are ready to feel more more heard and respected, then book your Discovery Call today and see how I can help.

I’m really excited about meeting you and seeing how I can help.

Now go make it a great day!


Monique works with organizations who want to reduce conflict to create a culture of collaboration, engagement and productivity. The most successful leaders are not infallible when faced with someone who “drives them crazy!” Her strategies to empower people to better understand each other and have better outcomes, while having fun, are appreciated by all who meet her. She draws from 30 years of crisis intervention work, she is a Level II Accredited Trainer for DISC as a Human Behavior Consultant and a Certified NLP Professional Coach. She loves meeting people and getting to know them and their industry. So feel free to reach out.