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Workplace Culture

Here’s the problem. In even the best organizations, when conflict works its way into your team, it tends to fester and grow. These small disagreements can rob your organization of the ability to retain your best people and impacts your productivity and profitability.

When it comes to our basic style, on average, two people have about a 40% chance of experiencing an easy personality match. That means that up to 60% of the people you work with may be driving you a little crazy!

In fact, they are all assets to the team. They just don’t know how to talk to each other in their preferred language style. So their approaches can backfire unnecessarily.

Improve Culture

That’s where I come in. Through the Model of Human Behavior, I help move people and organizations from Conflict to Collaboration.

Members of the team are still engaging with one another and having those necessary tough conversations. The difference is they’re doing it in a way that is energizing, gets things done while being more effective, fun and collaborative.

Once we appreciate and understand the keys to our behaviors and those of others, we can make small adjustments to our approaches so that people feel heard and respected. That means trust and engagement goes up. Those are huge competitive advantages.

The Right Solution

As a former crisis interventionist, I have seen every kind of crazy making behavior. And as a university trained process facilitator trained in group dynamics, you get someone who can also pivot in real time to address the burning issues that present themselves in small group discussions or one-on-one coaching.

The great thing about the Model of Human Behavior is how enjoyable and easy it is to learn. You’re not only going to improve your working relationships and increase productivity and innovation, you’re going to have fun while learning and implementing the concepts.

Next Step

If you want to take your team from Conflict to Collaboration and gain more productivity, increase employee morale or retention, the beginning of that journey starts here.

First we have a conversation. We talk about your organization, what you’re trying to achieve and what some of the roadblocks that are holding you back.

It’s time to turn those people who seem like liabilities into your best assets. Learn more about my program by visiting my Program Page. Call or email me, or use the handy dandy online scheduler.

“Your style includes the participation of the audience, which is the best way to learn. I believe this toolbox will be helpful at home too.”

Christina Hurley, Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Deaf/Blind Intervenor & Driver/Guide

“I now have a new internal voice that reminds me to look for win-win solutions when we seem to have different goals. Instead of an explosive relationship, we are currently having calm and wonderful conversations instead. Monique, thank you. I really appreciate this improvement.”

Monica Karam, Intuition and Clarity Coach

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